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Collaboration in the classroom

by Trevor Maloney, Product Manager for Business & Education Projection, Epson UK

Interactivity and collaboration in education is paramount to optimising learning and retention of information

Understanding collaboration

Studies have shown that individuals can retain less than 20% of the content presented to them through slides. This is a stunning statistic which demonstrates that teachers and lecturers need to be even more creative to ensure their message is heard and to increase engagement with their students.

Involvement and practical hands on interaction of students within lessons is a sure way to increase retention of information, allow students to exercise their critical skills and simply to make learning fun.

Sharing thoughts and working collaboratively
Epson’s range of interactive projectors allow teachers and lecturers to provide an environment where collaboration becomes commonplace in every lesson plan. It now becomes simple to annotate presentations in real time, write, draw and add comments and answers directly on to a large screen as well as save and share collaborative content between multiple students. The capability to allow up to 50 people to share content from their PC’s ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate, share their thoughts and work collaboratively.

Pupils expect to connect their personal devices
In addition to sharing content from traditional sources such as PC’s, DVD players and document cameras, it is important to allow students to share from their own mobile devices. Bring your own device (BYOD) technology is well understood by today’s students and connecting their own phones and tablets to multiple devices is commonplace. Epson’s range of projectors allow students to quickly and simply share the content from their own devices onto a large screen, increasing the involvement of the individual and the class in lessons and lectures.

Screen size really does matter! 
When it comes to retention of information it is crucial that students are able to view content from wherever they are sitting in the classroom or lecture theatre. This becomes even more important when considering that research that has shown that 80% of educational material is remembered when delivered visually compared to 25% through only verbal communication. The larger the screen the easier it is to read and view the content on display. Epson’s range of projectors allow images to be viewed on a screen size up to 100 inches and from virtually any angle within a room ensuring everyone has the same opportunity to view, engage and share information.

Interactivity and collaboration in education is paramount to optimising learning and retention of information. Epson strives to ensure this is a key feature in the classroom through a range of interactive projectors and software. It is, however, essential that this collaboration and delivery of content is visible to all, and for this, the ability to display all content on a large screen is of equal importance.

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