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The changing face of digital signage

by Rishi Popat, Product Marketing Manager at NEC

With the ability to measure an individual’s behaviour, digital signage becomes far more effective

What's next for digital signage?

Intelligent displays are currently experience a major surge in popularity. The integration of an embedded computing intelligence has created a neat and seamless all-in-one display solution, ideal for many sectors looking for ways to enhance their digital signage solutions and use more advanced applications. 

We expect to see significant growth in digital signage over the next few years. One of the sectors with the most opportunity is retail where penetration rates are currently below 20%, suggesting massive potential for digital retail signage. 

The advantages of digital signage are now widely accepted by users who are keen to captivate their audience with dynamic and context aware content.  They want signage that can be updated and managed in real time from a centralized location meaning easier control and maintenance. 

Delivering a personal experience
Bi-directional communication using interactive touchscreens for wayfinding or ordering from kiosks, is now more sophisticated than ever.  Interactive touchscreens allow for a fully customised customer approach - extremely attractive to many businesses looking for a measurable ROI.

Another recent advance is context-aware signage, whereby the viewer receives content that is highly relevant to them. With the ability to measure an individual’s behaviour, digital signage becomes far more effective and data such as age, gender and dwell time enables’ retailers to provide better services, consultancy and product choices in line with the customer’s preferences.  Not only that, is also becomes easier to monitor the success of other aspects of the business, advertising campaigns for instance, allowing variables to be adjusted to maximise success.

NEC’s leafengine facilitates the gathering of data for audience analytics, connecting sensor technology through a standardised interface for more intelligent and personalised digital signage. NEC’s Field Analyst software can track age, gender, dwell time and quality of viewing impact of visitors in front of the camera in order to adapt screen content to make signage campaigns more effective.  

What's next for digital signage?
Displays are becoming increasingly more specialized, so rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we will see more solutions tailored for a wider range of applications such as video walls for huge areas, layered and specialist projection for unusual spaces or outdoors. Mirror glass signage displays also open up new application scenarios, especially in the retail sector where stores can combine a traditional mirror with a signage display. We expect to see more customisation options whereby businesses can tailor their signage solution to integrate with their brand or interior design such as coloured bezels. 

With pricing for larger format screen sizes reducing as production becomes more efficient and capacity is increased, we expect to see low cost entry level options more widely available making digital an achievable opportunity for everyone.

NEC will be showcasing it’s latest AV display screens within the Digital Signage Experience at Tech Showcase 2018.  Demonstrations will be available on both the newly launched ultra-minimalist C Series display screen and the professional P series designed for meeting rooms, conferencing and digital signage.

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